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A resource for ministers and congregations who want to begin to understand and/or welcome transgender people into their congregations. The book has the following aims: to give the results of the first research based project into the experiences of trans Christians in the UK; to provide a theological and biblical framework by which ministers and congregations can begin to appreciate transgender people's perspectives; to provide a series of insights that inform the pastoral care of transgender people, their families and friends; to provide resources in the form of liturgies and Bible studies that can be used by ministers and congregations exploring the needs of gender variant people.


Chris Dowd was originally a Minister in the LGBT identified Metropolitan Community Churches for over a decade planting a queer friendly fresh expression called Journey in the West Midlands. At the same time, he served as a special category minister for the United Reformed Church as a University Chaplain at Aston University. He retrained as a minister of Word and Sacrament within the United Reformed Church and currently serves as a Chaplain at Hull University and as minister for several churches.


Christina Beardsley a Church of England priest, worked in parishes for twenty-two years, and as a healthcare chaplain for sixteen years, the last eight as Head of Multi-faith Chaplaincy at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London. An advocate for trans inclusion in the Church, Tina is a member of the Sibyls, Christian spirituality for transgender people, and co-editor with Michelle O’Brien of ‘the Sibyls’ book’, This is My Body: hearing the theology of transgender Christians (2016) also published by DLT.


Justin Tanis is Managing Director of the Center for LGBTQ & Gender Studies in Religion at the Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley, CA, USA.


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