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Darton, Longman and Todd is an internationally-respected publisher of brave, ground-breaking, independent books and eBooks on matters of the heart, mind and soul that meet the needs and interests of ordinary people.

We publish a wide-ranging list of books that include biography, spirituality, theology, wellbeing, contemporary issues, fiction and humour, and we also publish the Jerusalem Bible, and its revised and updated successors, the New Jerusalem Bible and the Revised New Jerusalem Bible – three of the most clear, accurate and distinguished modern English translations of the Bible.

Our books are written by, and for, people of all faiths and none. We believe that spirituality and faith are important to all people, of all backgrounds, and that the wisdom of any one culture or tradition can inform and nourish another. All our books are intended to help people – to better understand themselves, to better understand God, faith and religion, and to better understand our relationships with other people. We aim to be creative, sometimes provocative, so our books are most likely to be appreciated by people who like to engage and be challenged.

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