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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is not well understood by most people. It is sometimes the subject of jokes.


To those who suffer it, it is definitely no laughing matter. It can jeopardise your job, your relationships and gives you no peace of mind.


This book seeks to shed light on the condition, both for those who have it and for others. Its pages explore different aspects of the condition and its treatment. Each one is accompanied by a prayer.


The book is divided into two sections. Part A is for those with OCD, Part B for family, friends and the wider community.


When praying for someone, you may wish to insert their name, or the pronoun he or she.


There is a list of resources at the end, and pages for your own prayers.


Half the royalties from this book will go to OCD-UK.


Fay Sampson is an established Christian author. For DLT she has written Prayers for Depression and Prayers for Dementia.

Prayers for OCD

SKU: 9780232533699
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