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‘As an enthusiastic recreational cyclist I have frequently found myself mulling over matters of discipleship and ministry whilst pedalling through the Yorkshire countryside. In the process I have come to recognise many connections between them.’


Drawing on his experiences of ministerial formation in South Africa during the latter years of apartheid, and of thirty-five years of ministry in Yorkshire, the Bishop of Selby John B. Thomson takes readers on a unique and fascinating journey into discipleship and ministry as seen through the eyes of a cyclist.


Bishop John explains:


* how we learn most, as Jesus taught us, through the gift of strangers;

* the importance of devoting time to learn the history, stories and language of the people and the places we serve;

* the nature and character of suffering; how we can live creatively and hopefully, even in tragedy;

* key themes of Christian leadership, concluding that the majority of Christian leaders - like those who lead cycle rides - are relatively unknown but actually have the most impact on others;

* the ways in which cycling, discipleship and ministry must involve the body and the senses;

* the importance of tackling new and challenging issues that are not always easy to resolve.


In a world besotted by speed, we see how contemplative travel deepens and expands so many aspects of our lives. Bishop John proves to be a wise and entertaining guide and companion on this journey.


John B. Thomson is Bishop of Selby. His previous books include Church on Edge? Practising Ministry Today (London: DLT, 2004), DOXA: A Discipleship Course (London: DLT, 2007), and Sharing Friendship: Exploring Anglican Character, Vocation, Witness and Mission (Farnham: Ashgate, 2015).

On Your Bike

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