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As Christians it can be tempting to live in two worlds: a private world of faith and a public world of work and daily life. This book aims to help bring these worlds together, as a daily companion for individuals seeking to live as followers of Jesus in the midst of ordinary life.


In Love: Work, Phil Jump and John Weaver identify ‘Ten Commandments for Working People’ which can be used to focus on the outworking of faith in whatever context you work.


Following a short exploration of each Commandment, the authors present a collection of invaluable prayers and reflections to help Christians respond to specific situations or challenges that can arise through being a disciple in the workplace.


Phil Jump served for almost a decade as a Baptist minister in South Croydon, was Chair of the North West Churches Officer project, and is Regional Minister of the North Western Baptist Association. He is Chair of the Industrial Christian Fellowship.


John Weaver is a former tutor in Practical Theology, Regents Park College, Oxford, Principal of the South Wales Baptist College and Dean of the Faculty of Theology, Cardiff University. He is a former President of the Baptist Union and chair of the International Baptist Theological Study Centre, Amsterdam. He is the Vice-Chair of the Industrial Christian Fellowship.

Love: Work

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