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Heaven Come Down is the stunningly powerful testimony of someone growing up with severe dysmorphia and gender dysphoria, in a broken dysfunctional family, and their discovery of hope, love and faith through the healing power of God. Chrissie Chevasutt’s tumultuous journey has taken her through drug addiction, prostitution, and begging on the streets of India, before being led to the feet of Jesus. It is a story of hope for anyone who has or is suffering from addictions, suicidal ideation, homelessness, mental illness and the crisis of sexual or gender identity conflict, and seeks to build bridges in places where the Church and the transgender community have been divided.


Chrissie Chevasutt facilitates the online community Transgender Church and is well-known as an advocate for transgender awareness in the Church. She and her wife Pam have lived, worked and witnessed in Oxford for more than thirty years.

Heaven Come Down

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