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Another Story Must Begin is an original Lent course based on the film, the novel and the stage adaptation of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. Through discussion of some of the themes and principal characters of this epic narrative, the course explores the grace of God and our own fallen state and opportunity for redemption, and helps us to reassess what we can do with our lives and for those around us.


The course is based around five weekly group sessions:


• Fantine and Cosette

• The Bishop of Digne

• Jean Valjean

• Javert

• Redemption and Salvation


Each session includes watching scenes from the Oscar-winning movie starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway (with timing references for the DVD), and questions and reflections for group discussion. Each session also includes introductory reading, notes for leaders, related Bible passages and suggested closing prayers.


Jonathan Meyer is rector of Winchelsea, Icklesham and Winchelsea Beach in East Sussex. He was previously priest-in-charge of St. Mary the Virgin in Ewelme, which was used as the residence of the Bishop of Digne in the pivotal moment in the Les Miserables movie. He ran a successful Lent course in his parish, on which this book is based.

Another Story Must Begin

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