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Father Brown, the fictional priest detective created by novelist G. K. Chesterton, is one of English literature’s most compelling characters. In 53 short stories, published between 1910 and 1936, Chesterton’s crime-solving cleric demonstrated a unique combination of humility and humour, razor-sharp sharp intellect, and devout Christian faith.

This skilfully-curated devotional volume collects 365 episodes from the adventures of Father Brown, rich with the integrity, wit and deep spiritual wisdom of Chesterton’s cherished creation.

Each extract is short enough to be read in a daily sitting, and is accompanied by an appropriate passage from the Bible and a prayer to aid personal reflection.

The collection can be started at any point during the year, and will become a much-loved companion through your days, months and seasons.


Stephen Poxon is a writer, editor and compiler of devotional works, whose other ‘Through the Year’ books include as subjects Catherine Booth, William Booth, John Wesley, Charles Wesley, and John Newton.

A Pleasant Year with Father Brown

SKU: 9781915412065
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