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At the Gates
Disability, Justice and the Churches

‘At the Gates is a phenomenal journey. It transports the reader into the world of the disabled person who loves Christ. It then points to a world and a church which attempts to disable the image of Christ in so many. The book exposes the ablest tendencies many institutions and individuals perpetuate. Through strong theological rigour and a variety of gifted storytellers, we learn to encounter God within all, we are asked to provide access with all, create bespoke tables to accommodate all, and design liturgies which include all. It points forward with many practical and necessary steps, for a renewed church within our world.‘

A.D.A France-Williams, priest, author of Ghost Ship

At the Gates

Based on extensive research, Naomi Lawson Jacobs and Emily Richardson have collected prophetic and transformative narratives of experience, shared directly by disabled people who have rarely been enabled to speak in Christian books about disability. By centering disabled Christians’ own stories, this book calls for churches to move from a care-based approach to disability, to one that is focused on justice, equality and access to churches for disabled Christians.

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At the Gates is now available as an Audiobook. You can download the footnotes here to enhance your listening experience should you wish. The book is also available in paperback and as an eBook.

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