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Ineffable Love asks what we can learn about life and some of the big questions of Christian faith from the award-winning television adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens, starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant.


‘It’s really hard to avoid the fact that the fundamentals of Good Omens are incredibly Jesus-y,’ write authors Alex Booer and Emma Hinds. ‘The story is about the frustrations of longing for justice in an unjust world and what it means to be Good or Bad, Right or Wrong. Like much of Jesus’ teaching, it is subversive and challenging.’ And it’s all about love.


Based on key video clips from the show, the book offers Bible verses, discussion prompts, prayers, poetry and creative reflections, to help you delve deeper into themes of:


• Justice

• Body and Matter

• Power

• Belief

• Hope

• Love and Renewal.


Ineffable Love has been written for personal reading, but can easily be adapted into a six-session course for groups.


Alex Booer is a writer, an engineering geologist, and worships at the inclusive Anglican church of St Nicholas, Burnage. Emma Hinds also worships at St Nicholas, Burnage, and is a playwright and novelist.

Ineffable Love

SKU: 9780232534559
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